If you answered yes to any of the above, don't worry you're not alone. I know exactly how you feel and I can help you create a happier life you love!

The way you're feeling is common and it's exactly the way I used to feel. The great news is that no matter how you feel, and whatever may be challenging you, it can all be changed.

I work closely with you to help and guide you uncover and release everything that is blocking you from shining your light and being the brightest version of yourself.

Together we will unravel the habits, release the old patterns, and remove the unhelpful ways of thinking that keep you stuck.

We will start you on a healing journey, small steps will help you reconnect to love, inner peace, happiness and joy.

It's entirely possible for your dreams and desires to become a reality.

Georgina was patient, honest, kind, with some transformational, life-changing techniques which I will continue to use as I move forward in my life. I fully recommend Georgina for anyone who is stagnant, unable to break free from past experiences and who want to live a happy and fulfilling life going forwards.


Georgina has an approach that made me feel instantly at ease, she’s relatable, personable and understanding, an approach that I have never really experienced with various counselors in the past. I have suffered with episodes of depression anxiety and a great deal of self-doubt. Our sessions have allowed me to understand some more about myself and to let go of the anxieties in my past stopping me from moving forward. My first session with Georgina, I believe marked the start of truly believing in my worthiness, I now have an appetite back for the things I love again and have confidence in my goals.


Georgina has compassionately guided me on a journey, which has provided me with the tools to find my strength and confidence again from within me that I never knew I had, a much better alternative than relying on medication. Taking that one tiny step and leap of faith has genuinely empowered me and enabled me to cope. The only thing you need to have heading into these sessions is the desire to heal yourself. the want to feel better and the determination to love yourself. If you commit, dedicate and trust the process you will honestly never look back because you'll be too busy being in the present.